As a unique connection between our lasting experience, our expertise and our social capital in all spheres of society in German speaking countries and the West Balkans, including also the European level in Brussels, the team of „Hartmann und Mayer“ experts along with our strategic partners from other EU countries, maintain the focus on the corporative needs, took the bold step to establish the pioneer office that serves not only as a liaison but rather as an embassy to expand the interest of our European Business Diplomacy in the West Balkans.

Serving as a nonofficial ambassadors in the West Balkans on behalf of number of companies from Germany, Austria and Swiss that recognized the potential of the region, be it the human capital, resources or the outsourcing opportunities we make sure that the business runs smoothly and that the mobility of workers and flow of capital is maintained in line with the needs of business operations.


We stand for the motto: „With German Quality of Performance to the Secure Success“