In partnership with academic and educational institutions from EU countries and in cooperation with regionally certified Center for Adult Education, we offer education models (retraining, professional development and training) for over 70 different qualifications of workers. Since the EU industries are looking for a number of CNC operators, IT technicians, doctors, nurses, electricians, welders and so on, we decided to respond to it, by qualifying the workers from West Balkans, in line with the EU standards, for those jobs.

We are in process of establishing our own Center for Career Guidance which will allow us to select candidates with work experience and direct them to designed education classes, offer language courses to them in order to produce fully acceptable employees for the EU market. It is a demanding job, however, we are certain that this approach will prove that it is a full success.

The advantage of cooperating with us is the fact that with the service of retraining, additional qualification or training for a particular occupation you automatically have the opportunity to be registered as a job seeker. Also, through our specialist language, mobility and integration center, use German language learning services for specific professions and acquire knowledge for German language qualifications in accordance with GER – standards.

So, while you are attending classes for acquiring a certain qualification from the profession and language, you are practically waiting for a job offer. In addition, you have the opportunity to use our 360 ° services related to helping you negotiate the terms and conditions of your employment and employment contracts, recognition and recognition of diplomas, applying for a visa for you and your loved ones, support services for finding an apartment, refund of taxes and relocation, as well as services of authorized court interpreters for the German language.

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