We provide specialist services for the companies from the EU testing their way towards the Balkans and looking for the appropriate partner for Outsourcing or be it the companies from Balkans trying to make a breakthrough on the EU market, by choosing us as your guide and partner you have chosen to be on the safe side.

No investment is possible without a risk, but we make sure that it not an adventure but an international business operation.

We organize individual training for the companies but also B2B Matchmaking events on regional scale.

As for those individuals from West Balkans who are focused to find an employment in the EU countries, we make sure they are equipped with the right set of information, skills and expertise so that their plans come through in the best possible way. We offer them the opportunity to gain professional qualifications, learn the German language from experienced professionals by our branded DACH 4 Business concept explore the fastest way for the mobility of workers, introduce them with the culture with our unique induction training for a specific region within a country of destination and assist them in finding the best employment possible. With EDUKA BH our strategic licensed partner we have the possibility to offer high-school education for the most wanted professions, or professional certificates in line with EU requirements.